MacBook Pro 16″ Core I7 512GB SSD Space Gray (MVVJ2)

1Year Warranty (MVVJ2)

$2,249 $2,199

-2.6 GHz up 4.5 Ghz 6-Core
-Intel Core I7-9th Generation
-Radeon Pro 5300M with 4GB
-16GB 2666MHz LPDDR4
-Display 16" 3072 x 1920 Retina
-FREE Mouse Bluetooth
-FREE Office 365 License
FREE Cloud Drive 5TB

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The keyboard is fixed.

If Apple did nothing else, that one thing makes the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro better than its predecessor and any other MacBook you can buy right now. The tide definitively turned against Apple’s butterfly keyboard design in the past year, thanks in large part to persistent reporting from Casey Johnston and Joanna Stern, and Apple had to do something. Thankfully, Apple did the right thing: it went back to a more traditional keyboard design.

But Apple’s backtrack on the keyboard isn’t the only accommodation it has made to answer complaints about its MacBook line. Apple also altered how the laptop dissipates heat, allowing the processor to run faster and more predictably. It also brought back a physical Esc key and most pro users’ preferred arrow key layout.

There are a few other notable updates compared to the 15-inch model — including, yes, the namesake for the laptop itself, the 16-inch screen. But the keyboard and the thermals are the big updates that show Apple is willing to look back in order to move forward.